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We formulate, manufacture, and develop special fertilizers to guarantee the correct development of any type of crop, without harming the environment and benefiting crops. And We have succeeded.



Alfredo Iñesta is the most deeply rooted and experienced brand within Grupo Iñesta. As pioneers in the manufacture of liquid fertilizers, our brand was born with the purpose of formulating, manufacturing, and developing special fertilizers to guarantee the correct growth in any type of crop, without harming the environment and benefiting crops. And we have accomplished our goals.

As a result of that, over the years, we have consolidated our reputation as a market-leading brand, thanks not only to the quality, but also to the efficiency and great value we provide growers and farmers with, incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovation that are part of our DNA.

We care about the land, the crops and the harvest

That is why we have been offering the best products for almost 40 years and looking for the best solutions for efficient and productive agriculture, which provides the greatest profitability to the farmer.

We put at the disposal of the agricultural professional the best own fertilization formulas, designed, and produced by a highly qualified human team, in a state-of-the-art laboratory. Thanks to the vocation for detail, we can cover from the most universal to the most specific needs.


Alfredo Iñesta products include nutritional products, biostimulants, anti-stress and enhancers and Self-defence inducers (RESIDUE-FREE) for sustainable agriculture. With Alfredo Iñesta, present on four continents and 35 countries, we can reach any part of the world, but we continue to preserve our origins, which allows us to adapt our products to any microclimate or special need.

If you have any questions about our products, protocols or applications, please contact us.


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