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Our biostimulants help you to optimise crop yield at all stages, from seed germination to fruit ripening. They also reduce the stress caused by diseases, adverse weather conditions, phytotoxicities, etc. Help you to achieve high quality profitable crops that respect the environment.


More FLOWERS, greater YIELD

Quick abundant flowering leads to a quick and abundant harvest.

Whether for cut-flower crops or for fruit crops, promoting the flowering process through the application of biostimulants formulated with this specific aim will increase the number of flowers produced by our plants, thus increasing their yield rate.

Lombrico® MASFLOR

This 100% natural and hormone-free biostimulant is recommended for increasing the number of flowers in your crop, especially when days are short, and temperatures are low

Rooting products

The roots are the pillar of a profitable crop since both their vigour and quality are responsible for the success and productivity of crops. Therefore, the application of specifically formulated biostimulants to promote the development of the root system is vital to ensure correct plant nutrition throughout the entire growing cycle.

Through root reproduction, especially secondary ones, the strength of our plants is multiplied.

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