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Take care of your vineyards with the fertilizers and liquid fertilizers for vineyards made by Grupo Iñesta. Made with natural raw materials so that your vineyards grow strong and give a good production.

Recommendations of the subscriber of the vineyard.

Vineyard fertilization is complex due to the large number of factors that influence production. Being a dry, perennial, and woody crop, the fertilizer for the vineyard is more limited when it comes to acting.

The planting fertilizer is what is done when the vine is cultivated. It consists of an organic fertilizer, distributed on the ground, and buried through superficial work. In addition, a mineral fertilizer is made, and an attempt is made to avoid the use of nitrogen in the vineyard fertilizer. This is done to avoid possible losses and depletion of the plant.

When the plant has grown, the maintenance fertilizer is distributed. To estimate the fertilizer dose, it is important to bear in mind that the quality of the production must prevail over the quantity.

Foliar analysis and diagnosis are very effective in detecting nutritional imbalances and rationalizing the fertilizer for the vineyard.

The foliar fertilization for the vineyard consists of the application of soluble salts of microelements, since they are scarce, and their consumption must be compensated, or possible imbalances be corrected.

Fertigation of the vine.

Vine fertigation is the contribution of nutrients to vine plants through irrigation water. To carry it out, the nutritional needs of the vineyard, the characteristics of the water used and the needs of the vine throughout the vegetative cycle must be known.

It is also essential to know what the state of the soil is and how much fertilizer the vineyard has.

The most common fertilizers for grapes in this technique are the contribution of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

The advantages of using fertigation are that the water and nutrients are applied directly to the root system of the crop, so the absorption of the liquid fertilizer for the vineyard is much faster. In addition, the distribution of the fertilizer for the vine is carried out taking advantage of the irrigation network already installed, with which the costs of the express distribution of the fertilizer are reduced and even disappear.

Finally, in case the plant lacks any nutrient, the fertilizer by fertigation supplies them quickly and efficiently.

Products we recommend for composting the vineyard are the following.

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Effectiveness trial in grapevines


The aim of the trial is to improve the health status of the crop, as well as to obtain a good production.
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