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Olive tree

The olive tree has a leaf that supports foliar fertilizer very well. When the olive tree receives it, it responds well to its contributions of nitrogen, potassium, and microelements. The foliar fertilizer for olive trees can be administered taking advantage of the treatment of phytosanitary products, always respecting both the doses and the safety term.

The absorption of nutrients by the olive tree is enhanced if the temperature is mild and if the ambient humidity is high. In addition, the olive tree must have a significant proportion of young leaves. Therefore, the ideal time for the foliar fertilization of the olive tree is Spring, between the months of April and July.

When the foliar fertilizer is supplied to the olive tree, it must be considered that its function is to accompany the fertilization of the roots, not to substitute it. These are complementary applications to those made via soil or fertigation and must be considered so that duplications do not occur. A correct application of the foliar fertilizer in the olive tree ensures positive results quickly.

For a correct fertilization of the olive tree, the productive capacity of the olive tree, the availability of water, the fertility of the soil and the nutritional status of the plant must be considered.

In olive groves with low productivity, the nutritional needs can be covered in a natural way by the mineralization of the organic matter of the soil and the contributions of rain and irrigation water. In highly productive plants, the nutritional needs can exceed the natural supply capacity of the tree, and therefore, to ensure its performance, it is necessary to supplement it with fertilizers.

Fertigation is one of the most suitable fertilization techniques, since the nutrients in the liquid fertilizer for the olive tree combine with the water and reach the roots more directly, providing balanced nutrition.

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Olive tree

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