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Lombrico® BRIO




  • 3 mL/L
  • Make 1 or 2 preventive applications before abiotic stress and 1 application after.


  • Apply 5 L / h at 4-5 days before abiotic stress is expected.
  • Repeat the application every 7 days while adverse conditions last.

Lombrico® BRIO



Lombrico® BRIO is the anti-stressing agent your organic crops need, since it prevents and counteracts the adverse effects caused by extreme temperatures (hot/cold), salinity, drought, diseases, or pesticide application. In addition, Lombrico® BRIO fully stimulates plant metabolism at key moments of energetic demand. Its high effectiveness is the result of a formula that has been designed to provide the crop with:

  • The highest concentration on the market of free L-amino acids, which are the only ones that can be 100% assimilated and used by plants. They are also derived from enzymatic hydrolysis.
  • A broad range of amino acids with 20 free L-amino acids including those essential for plant metabolism.
  • L-Proline, one of nature's most powerful organic osmolytes, which acts at the cellular level.

Lombrico® BRIO can be applied either before or after the onset of stress, demonstrating both preventive and restorative action. In addition, Lombrico® BRIO stimulates the production of proteins, enzymes and essential molecules that are responsible for synthesizing other key substances in crop growth and development.

Lombrico® BRIO will allow your crop to reach its peak performance and yield, even under stressful conditions.


It will allow your crop to resist the adverse effects caused by:

  • Disease: crop will resist better a disease
  • Use of pesticide  products: it is recommended to apply in conjunction with the pesticide program to alleviate / mitigate the possible negative impacts caused by the pesticide  on the crop.
  • Extreme temperatures (hot/cold): When hot / cold conditions are anticipated, the product will be applied in advance so that the crop is prepared for the low / high temperature conditions. Once the hot / cold conditions have been given, the product will be applied to help the recovery of the crop. The flowering and fruit setting stages are generally the most sensitive to cold / frost / high temperatures, so it is recommended to apply Lombrico® BRIO especially in these stages to protect the crop yield.
  • Salinity: In this case, it is recommended to combine with Lombrico® GREEN SALT. Lombrico® BRIO acts inside the plant making the crop more resistant to salinity, while Lombrico® GREEN SALT acts in the soil to eliminate excess salts and improve its structure.
  • Lack of water: When the farmer does not have all the water necessary for then crop (either because the hydrological year has been especially dry, because the water rationing is severe or for any other reason), the product will help the crop not so much accuse that water shortage.
  • Preventive action: for any stress, if applied beforehand, it prepares the crop and prevents the appearance of damage.
  • Damage containment: once the stress situation is generated, it minimizes the damage and helps the crop to recover.
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