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Lombrico® PROTOP




  • Preventive dose: 2-2.5 mL / L every 2-3 weeks
  • Curative dose: Increase the dose to 2.5-5 mL / L

* Use an adequate volume to ensure complete wetting of the crop to be treated.


  • Preventive dose: 5 L / ha every 2-3 weeks
  • Curative dose: 7 L / ha and increase the frequency

* Apply in the last third of irrigation.

Lombrico® PROTOP



Lombrico® PROTOP is a defense inducer fertilizer that can be used in organic farming and offers unparalleled effectiveness at naturally activating the crop's own protection mechanisms to defend itself against a wide range of pathogens.

Lombrico® PROTOP can be applied before or after the disease has been detected, acting as a preventive or containment tool. Its high-tech formula contains a careful selection of natural extracts from the Salicaceae, Quillajaceae and Equisetaceae families to which other exclusive inducers have been added, which combine to offer unrivaled defensive effectiveness.

Lombrico® PROTOP acts systematically within the plant, providing comprehensive protection for the crop. In addition, its high concentration of biostimulant substances, which include mannitol, mono- and oligosaccharides, vitamins, and a wide variety of amino acids, help the crop to cope with biotic stress situations in the most effective way possible.

Lombrico® PROTOP is pesticide- and biocide-free, meaning it does not act directly on the pathogen. As such, it is not a pesticide and is in harmony with the RESIDUE-FREE vision.


It can be used both foliar and soil application:

  • Preventive use: In any phase of the culture when an infection is anticipated. The application of Lombrico® PROTOP before the attack of pathogens, activates the innate natural defenses of the treated crop. That is, it activates the plant's alert system so that in the event of a possible attack by a pathogen it can defend itself with maximum speed and force, avoiding or containing its invasion.
  • Curative use: When the infection appears. By applying the product after the crop has been attacked / infected, enhances the activation of natural defense mechanisms. The plant will defend itself using all its naturally available protective force. This helps contain the infection.
  • We recommend adding it to the usual protection program.
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