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Effectiveness trial in grapevines

West of the town of Keyes, California
The aim of the trial is to improve the health status of the crop, as well as to obtain a good production.
Trial design


The farmer tells us that he has a sandy farm with nematode problems. This raises the interest of Professor Becky Westerdahl who raises the possibility of carrying out a joint trial with our product for nematodes after the good results obtained in her carrot trial.

Trial Design

As a protocol, it is recommended to make alternate applications of btl® N-TEX at 0.5 gal / acre and Lombrico® MOL 75 at 0.6 gal / acre, every fifteen days alternating product applications. (odd weeks N-TEX, even weeks MOL 75). As controls, Movento treatment is used at its normally recommended dose and frequency and an alternation between N-TEX and Movento


In the lines treated with the btl® N-TEX + Lombrico® MOL 75 protocol, a better color shift is observed. The grape cluster is much more homogeneous and has no development problems. Although measurements are not made periodically, the farmer comments that the taste and level of sugars in the area treated with Alfredo Iñesta products is higher than in the rest of the areas.

From the conclusions of the trial, it can be affirmed that it really is important is not the amount of nematodes in the soil, but the ability of these to damage the plant. Thanks to the application of the btl® N-TEX + Lombrico® MOL 75 protocol, these nematodes are paralyzed, which allows the plant to develop its root system and continue to nourish itself, resulting in a more vigorous crop and a better developed fruit in terms of quality. .
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