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Floriculture is the discipline of horticulture oriented to the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants in an industrialized way for decorative use. Floriculture must be understood as a mass production of plants as opposed to gardening.

Crops in floriculture include:

  • Plants for use in flower beds (petunias, violas – pansies-, salvias, marigolds, primrose, etc).
  • Plants for cut flowers that are then sold in bundles or bundles to be used in the decoration of the personal environment, parties, interiors, such as rose, carnation, chrysanthemums, gladiolus, lilium, alstroemerias, lisianthus.
  • Decorative foliage plants: pothos, dieffembachia, Otto.
  • Potted flowering plants for final use in that container of good decorative level: chrysanthemum, pointsettia, cyclamen, azaleas, orchids.

At Alfredo Iñesta we have products for fertilizing floral plants.

If you have any questions about our products, protocols or applications, please contact us.


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